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Jewelry of the PERU BRAND


Mili Blume knows that tourists are looking for the best of us.

Peru is the second largest silver producer in the world while also having a cultural tradition of jewelry and silverware production. Mili Blume knows it well since she’s been in the business for over 20 years.

She thinks that PromPeru’s promotion of the Peruvian country brand is an excellent idea with very good timing, as no one imagined that the country would receive so much attention.

“It is a very strange sentiment. It is really nice to know that we have good products. It is a great feeling” she says.

Mili considered that when the Peruvian country brand was launched and licensees were allowed to register, everyone should share the task of promoting it. Tourists are her main clients.

“I research about licensees, and I am also part of the Lima Chamber of Commerce and the National Industries Society. I thought it would be a very difficult process, but it wasn’t”.

All of her packaging bears the logo of the country brand. This year her packaging will include a label placed in each piece sold so that the client can see the logo before removal. She has also received authorization to place the logo at the entrance of her store, in the hopes of “selling Peru to the tourists that come”.

Jewelry with feeling

In 1992, along with two friends, Mili Blume opened her first jewelry business. In 2003 she decided to start her own business and this way Mili Blume Jewelry was born. Nowadays, her daughter is her only partner and Mili expects she will continue with the store. Mili believes her product is “very emotional, it conveys more than meets the eye”. Both Peruvians and foreigners come to her store looking for help to find the right jewel for a certain person. “The retail experience is very gratifying because it gives you direct contact with your client” says Mili, aware of how much her business has yet to grow.

A Jewelry of the Brand Peru