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Jewelry TV Special

TV show “El diario de un armario” (A closet’s diary) at Plus TV, channel 6, aired on August 4th at 8pm EST.

Jewelry of the PERU BRAND

EL CORREO NEWSPAPER – SUPPLEMENT Mili Blume knows that tourists are looking for the best of us. Peru is the second largest silver producer in the world while also having a cultural tradition of jewelry and silverware production. Mili Blume … [ Read more ]

Mili Blume, A Mother’s Jewel

Asia Sur Magazine “All About My Mother” Edition Nobody makes Mili Blume happier than her daughter Mariana. Perhaps is it because Mariana has exceeded all the expectations Mili had of her; maybe it is because they are great friends; or … [ Read more ]

Always in Fashion

EL COMERCIO NEWSPAPER – SUPPLEMENT “Silver jewelry is perfect for every day at the office. It looks stylish and is more affordable than gold.” – Displays Mili Blume silver necklace Always in fashion

Interview with Mili Blume on Channel N

Trends TV Show Watch the video on You Tube (in Spanish): Transcription: “I’ve been in the jewelry business for over 10 years now. I’m always looking for inspiration in the things I see, the people around me; I also try … [ Read more ]


Luna Magazine “I try on everything I do. I won’t do something that I don’t like. I like mixing things up, and that’s the best about silver: It is extremely versatile”. “Dressing up is innate in women…I don’t think it’s … [ Read more ]