About Us

With over 20 years in jewelry design, Mili Blume reflects the lifestyle and emotions of today’s woman, making her feel attractive, confident and complete. Mili Blume constantly surprises her clientele with her diverse and innovative designs giving each and every one of her clients the chance to adapt the latest fashion trends to their personality.

Mili Blume is recognized as a leader in the Peruvian jewelry business by being part of women’s daily lives. The business distinguishes itself through its personalized attention and excellence of its service, offering a unique shopping experience where jewelry becomes part of a lifestyle.


Mili Blume Silver Jewelry was founded in 2003 as an up-to-date production and sales locale in the Miraflores district. In this setting is where ancient and contemporary techniques are utilized to create our silver pieces with the goal of providing beautiful, exclusive, quality designs.

In December 2010 Mili Blume opened its second store in the Peruvian capital, located in Polo II Mall (Surco district), as an answer to its clients’ requests for a location in a different area of Lima.

In August 2011, as part of its expansion strategy, Mili Blume started operating in the capital of the Peruvian Arequipa region, the city of Arequipa, in the historical Casona de Santa Catalina.


“Mili Blume is a brand that has been with me many years, has always been part of my life. Since opening its first store while I was still a little girl buying jewelry, to this day, I’m addicted to all kinds of accessories. Visiting the store is a great experience, not just because I can find lovely pieces, but also for the ambiance and service. I can always find someone to help me, plus I love being able to touch and try on jewelry. It is impossible to go to Mili Blume and not find what you are looking for, because they have everything from stunning silver necklaces designed by Mili Blume herself to jewelry brought from Europe. I always fall for something!”
––– Maud Gurunlian Landázuri, Fashion Blogger at Le blog de Maud


“It is a place where I can always find the perfect gift for others or for me, from something small to more imposing pieces, and where I’m always looked after with love and dedication! The only problem is that I have so much fun whenever I go that I’m always late for my next appointment!”
––– Sol Carreño, Lawyer and TV Host.


“I think that what every woman is looking for in jewelry, is that it has to be special. That’s what I like about Mili Blume’s jewelry: it is not only beautiful, but it also has personality, they have contemporary designs and are original, while at the same time they feel very close to me. What’s the secret? It is definitely the fact that behind it all is Mili Blume’s charm and friendliness.”
— Maria Jose Osorio Harmsen, blogger and author of “Soltera Codiciada“.